Brsitol Bus Timetable hacked by Terrorists.

A report very near to home for me appeared in the Telegraph recently. It told of how Muslim extremists who had been hoping to disrupt international travel across the Western world missed their target when they hacked into a Bristol bus timetable instead.

A group rejoicing in the name Darkshadow - an Arab Security Team – had identified the Bristol local transport and travel site TravelWest as being a key component of travel in the Western World. Wasting no time they hacked into the journey planner website replacing it with an Islamic State-style black page. West Country locals, who logged onto the site trying to find the time of the next bus to the chiropodist, or where they could safely cycle around Bristol found all information on the site had been replaced by Arabic text and the stark message: “Hacked by Darkshadow” as Arabic music played in the background.

There was also a helpful advert for those who were interested in learning more giving the terrorists’ Facebook page and listing their job experience with other hacks. In an impressive CV the group claimed also to have successfully infiltrated webpages that belonged to Philippine Airlines and the El Salvador government. However there was a slight doubt of the credibility of the hacks or their proof reading abilities, when it was observed that they had spelt Muslim wrong on their homepage.

Several councils including Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset run the site to communicate travel and transport news and soon got it back to business as usual with no disruption to the chiropody bus run and no congestion on cycle routes being reported. Catchup on Monday!

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