Buffy the Vampire Slayer team reassembled and ready to start chasing vampires


The famous vampire slayer girl and her accomplished team reportedly regrouped after a long hiatus. The stance was made due to their own private commitments and the lack of vampires in the free market, but the crew has now gathered and began practising vampire-slashing techniques. It is expected that they soon hit the awaken vampire gangs that have spread their paws all over the states, especially in the small, but cosy Sunnydale.
The vampire fever started after the Blood Moon appeared in the night sky a couple of weeks ago, and kept spreading ruthlessly among the citizenship. The borders are shut, many flights cancelled, but the fear of infection still remains, since the government measures turned ineffectual, once again.
'We have a moral duty to react', Buffy said at the beginning of the reunion event, hosted by a fast-food diner in Sunnydale. 'You all know we've been away for a while, some of us having kids, some gaining weight, but we're here now, and moreover, we started practising, and in a day or two, we'll be back in our teenage clothes, and ready to kick some vampire asses!'
It is still unknown what caused the contagion to revive – some blame it on popular series, and some on pollution. One thing's for sure, the new vampire breed has declared going vegan, therefore, they can only drink human, and not animal blood – as some peace societies proposed not to slay vampires but feed them with animal fluids. No peaceful solution has been reached at this moment.

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