Sunday, 18 August 2019

Canadian Couple Ends Epic Custody Battle Over Hockey Tickets

Canadian Couple Ends Epic Custody Battle Over Hockey Tickets

If anyone needs evidence of how passionate Canadian hockey fans are, look no further than Beverly and Donald McLeod.

After separating in 2015, the two ended their 35-year marriage in court recently as they finally settled on custody of their beloved season tickets, CTV News reports. The Alberta couple were longtime Edmonton Oilers season ticket holders and apparently couldn’t come to a resolution on who would get the precious seats in the divorce. 

Donald was willing to pay his former wife $15,000 a month in spousal support, but he wasn’t going to give up on his team. So Beverly filed for joint custody of the tickets and won. 

“The parties shall alternate choices for game tickets with the defendant choosing first the game for which he wants tickets, the plaintiff choosing second for her game, and the parties alternating choices thereafter until all regular season tickets have been assigned,” Justice Ritu Khullar ruled, according to CTV News. 

Edmonton Oilers fans are some of the most passionate in the National Hockey League, and season tickets are hard to come by. Some of the more affordable options for tickets range from $2,000 to $5,000, but seats with a better view and added luxury go from $8,000 to $23,000. 

People on social media were deeply amused by the situation, which is honestly pretty relatable to any rabid sports fan. 

And, apparently, Canadians. 

Can the couple be more Canadian lol pic.twitter.com/BFPxicLpWk

— DN ↗️» (@darinng)

"#Judge, I'll pay her $15,000 mo alimony, but I want those Oilers tickets." #Court splits tickets. #Divorce #sports https://t.co/qO2QztQmOQ

— Beverly A. Pekala (@PekalaLaw)

Good Oilers season tickets seats are hard to get. If they were both fans makes sense they wouldn't want to share.

— Kathleen Smith (@KikkiPlanet)

Nevermind the kids, who gets the Oilers tickets? Divorce, Edmonton-style https://t.co/BwJTysbZQm pic.twitter.com/v7PCH9DPp3

— HockeyNightInCanada (@hockeynight)
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