Cannibal Turns Himself In To Police And Makes A Horrific Confession

While there are all sorts of crimes that could be classified as being truly horrific, cannibalism may be at the top of the list. There is something beyond comprehension about a criminal who is fascinated by the consumption of human flesh.

Cannibalism is something most people think of as a bygone practice, typically only found now among rare tribes in distant lands. The truth is that people who enjoy eating human flesh are probably a lot closer to home than you might ever have guessed.

When a man walked into a police station in South Africa, the officers had no idea what to expect. Then he opened his bag, and everything changed…

Police in Estcourt, South Africa, got the shock of a lifetime when a man entered their station and made a horrific admission. “I’m tired of eating human flesh,” he said, handing over a bag containing the limbs of his victims… and his next meal.

The man’s shocking revelation sent police on a serious investigation in the village of Esigodlweni where he was from. Three more cannibals were arrested, and after a town meeting was held, more than 300 people admitted to eating human flesh regularly.


Colonel Thembeka Mbhele led the investigation and said that, while some of the villagers dug remains out of the ground to eat them, others actually raped and murdered local residents to get their next meal. They were alleged to have committed this crime by a local witch doctor who had also been arrested.

While mass cannibalism like this is rare, cannibalism itself is more common than you might think…

In 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer—who was nicknamed the “Milwaukee Cannibal”—was arrested for rape and cannibalism. In all, he took the lives of 17 people. When the police finally captured him, they found body parts in the stove and in the fridge of his residence. 


In 2016, Austin Harrouff, a Florida resident, was arrested for stabbing a couple to death and proceeding to eat their faces. Harrouff was not under the influence at the time, nor did he give any explanation for his actions. It was alleged that, when the police arrived, he was protecting the bodies and growling like a dog.

In 2001, Armin Meiwes was arrested in Germany for murdering and eating a man he had met on the Internet. According to Meiwes, they both enjoyed the victim’s prepared penis before Meiwes killed him and consumed more than 45 pounds of his body.

Rudy Eugene of Miami became infamous when, high on the drugs known as “bath salts,” he attacked a man on the street and attempted to eat him alive. While the man survived, he lost both of his eyes in this brutal cannibalistic assault.


Peter Bryan of London murdered a man named Brian Cherry, but he didn’t stop there. Once he was done, he cooked up Cherry’s remains in a pan of butter before devouring them. After years in a state hospital, he was deemed fit for prison… where he promptly murdered and tried to eat someone else.

In the early 1990s in the Ukraine, Andrei Chikatilo was arrested for raping, murdering, and eating more than 50 people for his own sexual fulfillment. He was caught by Russian authorities and executed in 1994.


Stephen Griffiths of Bradford, England, was known as the “Crossbow Cannibal”—a name he gave himself. Fittingly, he killed his victims with a crossbow before chopping them up, cooking them, and then eating them. He even filmed some of his exploits.

While you might think of cannibalism as being something that only happens in ancient cultures, the truth is that it is still very much alive today. Thankfully, it is not common and the perpetrators are almost always caught.

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