Cat Fights and Tax Troubles

Trouble in Chennai, India today as the city council has told taxmen enforcing an unpopular property tax that they have to stop using transsexuals and eunuchs to collect unpaid debts. This has come after residents there staged a huge protest. Apparently the unusual tax collectors are being used to darken the door of non-payers, shaming them into paying up. Having launched a recruitment drive amongst the transsexual and eunuch community - eh? - the council were apparently confident that they would get a 25% increase in their tax income this year. But locals were having none of it and staged angry protests outside council offices. A local man said "Some people have not paid because they have a legitimate dispute over the amount and using these individuals to terrorise them into paying is just bullying. It is not clear what the novel tax collectors did to terrorise their victims! Surely it can only be a matter of time before this makes it on someone’s manifesto over here.

In more tax related madness, a violent fight between two women broke out after a shopper head-butted an employee at the tax booth in a Walmart Supermarket in the USA. The customer claims the tax worker provoked her by muttering as she left the supermarket in Texas. After asking her to repeat her comments, a catfight broke out between the two ladies before the customer head-butted the employee. The tax worker wasted no time in grabbing the customer’s head and slamming it against a nearby table. Well, we know that feeling don't we fellow taxpayers?

And in another cat fight incident an evil pet cat evil cat disobeyed its owners wishes and smashed a glass while staring her owner down. With any other cat, it may have seemed like an honest accident - but this cat has previous. The feisty feline was batting a glass around on the coffee table but when her owner said “No!” the petulant pussy gave her owner a defiant stare and pushed the glass off the table to smash on the floor. There is some suggestion that this cat might be vying for the coveted ‘Grumpy Cat’ title, currently held by a feline that has made £64million as it rose to fame after its owners published a pic of its furious feline face on the Internet.

Catchup tomorrow!

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