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Celebs Who Clapped Back Fiercely At Touched Up Photos Of Them

Celebs Who Clapped Back Fiercely At Touched Up Photos Of Them

We’re bombarded with images every day from advertisements, magazines, and even our social accounts.

We compare ourselves to these images without realizing how altered they are. Celebrities are used to being photoshopped, but recently, they’ve started speaking out against it, calling for more “self-love,” and less deception from those in the fashion industry. Here are some moments celebs were over-photoshopped and reacted in a vicious way.

Kourtney Kardashian

touched up

Huffington Post

Kourtney had just given birth to her son Mason when she agreed to a photoshoot with Life & Style magazine. To her horror, Ok! Magazine published the same photo a few days later but tried to hide it by changing the color of her sweater. They photoshopped her baby weight out and told the world she had already lost it. What a shame.

Britney Spears

touched up


Back in 2010, Britney did some modeling for the brand Candie’s. They made her legs longer and basically removed her knees. Every imperfection was taken out. She shared the original and spoke to her fans about loving themselves.  None of us are perfect, despite what Hollywood might want us to believe.


touched up

Vanity Fair

Lorde was looking through some photos released of her from a concert she did a few months back and noticed that someone had airbrushed her skin so much that she had to comment. She tweeted, “I find this curious — two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are ok :).”

Yes, they are.

Keira Knightley

touched up


Keira Knightley has been in a handful of movies and has always had a low tolerance for those who alter her breasts.

She had her photographer take unedited photos of her as a clap-back to the King Arthur movie poster, which show obviously photoshopped breasts.

Nicki Minaj

touched up


Nicki Minaj posed with Kobe on the cover of ESPN, but when she saw the release she was heated! They tried to slim her down so much that her face became way too elongated. She put the editors on blast on her social media pages, where she shared the photo with a caption that read, “when retouching goes wrong.”


Jennifer Lawrence

touched up

Marie Claire

Jennifer Lawrence has always spoken out against the impossible expectations of actresses in Hollywood. She expects to be photoshopped, but when she posed for Dior recently and saw how different they made her look, she had to speak out:

“That doesn’t look like me at all. Of course it’s Photoshop, people don’t look like that.”


touched up


Beyonce ran an ad campaign with H&M back in 2013. When the photos were released, Beyonce’s famous curves had been totally shaved off. She demanded that the company publish the unaltered images, so they did.

Meghan Trainor

touched up

Business Insider

Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” teaches women to embrace their curves and takes a stand against photoshopping in the music industry.

Producers know what Meghan is about, yet during last year’s shoot of her music video “Me Too,” they heavily edited her body to make her waist smaller. Meghan was outraged and publicly condemned them.

Emily Ratajkowski

touched up

Business Insider

Emily Ratajkowski posed for the cover of Madame Figaro, and was shocked to see how much they changed her. She released this statement:  “I am extremely disappointed to see my lips and breats photoshopped on this cover. The fashion industry needs to stop stifling the things that make us unique.” 


touched up

Zendaya @Instagram

Back in 2015, Zendaya was featured in Modeliste magazine. She was excited to see the results of her shoot but was left feeling extremely let down.

She took the edited and the unedited photos and posted them to her Instagram page for her fans to see, saying, “I was shocked to find my 19-year-old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are unrealistic ideals of beauty. So I took it upon myself to release what’s real.”


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