Monday, 16 September 2019

Charcoal has become a trending flavour in everything from cocktails to meals

Charcoal has become a trending flavour in everything from cocktails to meals

Catchup News was pretty baffled to learn today that charcoal, in all its dark and mysterious (and gross) forms, is being embraced by some of the best experimenters in the food and drinks business. You heard correctly - it is currently popular to use charcoal as an actual ingredient – bringing flavour, colour, texture and a touch of burntness(?) to plates of food and bottles of juice.

This news comes after Burger King Japan's Kuro Pearl offering, a burger with a jet-black bamboo charcoal bun, which was of course met with a mix of hysteria and confusion upon its launch last year. But the fast food giant was bang on: charcoal is the new... black. And those ‘in the know’ are following Burger Kings lead. Although we suppose their PR teams are trying to keep that on the down low. As is the case with most left field ingredients these days, charcoal is indebted to the health-food industry – particularly the trendy cold-pressed juice companies in New York, California and London – for its increasing popularity.

In the UK, Botanic Lab combines activated charcoal with yuzu and raw cane juice, creating a drink whose bold onyx colour belies its light, tangy flavour. Perfect for a post-yoga pick me up, we assume. More from Catchup News next.

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