“Sometimes we need wisdom from older people, unless they are the president of the United States,” she told the panel, before adding, “who doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, OK?”

The music legend also revealed that Trump had now blocked her on Twitter after their online war of words, which dated back to at least 2012, appeared to get a little bit too much for him.

“I said ‘you know dude, I don’t think Lincoln or Kennedy would waste their time tweeting Cher,’” she told the conference.

Cher, whose foundation aims to stop the suffering of wild animals in captivity, has not shied away in criticizing Trump since he took office ― and most recently took aim at his response to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria with this tweet:

Check out Cher’s comments on Trump from the 5-minute 30-second mark in the clip above.