Chris O'Dowd Talking About His Son's Home Birth Is Hilarious

Chris O’Dowd has a sense of humor about a lot of things ― including parenting. 

The comedian and his wife, Dawn O’Porter, have two sons, 2-year-old Art and 1-month-old Valentine. 

Appearing on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” O’Dowd talked about Valentine’s birth and going from one to two children.

“Having your second kid is like you just learned how to play a song on the guitar and then somebody’s like, ‘OK, now play left-handed! And hold this baby,’” he said. 

O’Porter had a home birth and delivered Valentine on the couple’s bed. When asked if he delivered the baby himself, O’Dowd said, “That’s probably overstating it.” He added, “It was a midwife and my wife and a friend of ours who was like a doula.” 

Still, the dad played a pivotal role in the process. O’Dowd shared a funny anecdote about the birth.

“I caught him, which was fun,” he explained. “We didn’t know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of new information when a baby comes out. And so, I caught him and Dawn, my wife, was like, ‘What is it?’ And I said, ‘It’s a baby!’” 

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