Chrissy Teigen Had This To Say After Getting Heat For Ballerina Stunt Gone Wrong

Chrissy Teigen went into defense mode over the weekend after being blasted by fans for a ballerina stunt gone wrong. In a video posted on Instagram, Teigen was pretending to do a few twirls in a pair of pointe ballerina shoes, but accidentally took a spill. In the visual, you see the mother of one being assisted by husband John Legend before what appears to be completely twisting her ankle.

“I have been in love with watching ballet since I was young. I was given shoes from a performance John planned for me a few years ago. Tonight, I tried them on. IT IS HARD. Shout out to the ballerinas I love, and have loved, so so much,” she captioned the video.

But soon after sharing her love for the art, Teigen was slapped with comments by overprotective fans complaining about being unsafe. One fan wrote: “At least your knees are straight! Arches are probably weak as well as your ankles, just be careful.”

Someone else commented: “U look beautiful but be careful sweetie because u can hurt yourself because you u did not build up your muscle in your feet first…..One of my twin daughters was in Ballet4 class.”

Another fan wrote:”I would hate for you to get hurt or see you injured in any way!”

In response, Teigen, who suggested she’s always been in love with ballerinas, tweeted: “I get it. I could have broken an ankle. You can stop telling me. If only you knew the other 1000 bone-breaking things I attempt daily.”

So note to self … Chrissy got this!


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