Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Coleen Nolan faces calls for sacking after comparing gay rights to ISIS

Coleen Nolan faces calls for sacking after comparing gay rights to ISIS

Catchup News learns today that unsurprisingly Coleen Nolan is facing a furious backlash following her comments about the ruling made against the Christian bakery in Belfast that refused a customer’s wish to make a cake in support of gay marriage. Why are people so mad? Because Nolan very casually compared equal rights to a terrorist organisation. The Loose Women host likened the request to showing support for Islamic militants Isis – a group who have rather ironically been known to publicly execute gay people. She stated: "What if somebody walked in and said: ‘Right, I want a cake and I want the whole Islamic State on it – and how I support it, and how I support them killing our people.’ Because it is a business do they have to make it?” Nah, but that’s probably a whole different issue, isn't it Nolan? Janet Street-Porter indicated on air that she agreed with Nolan’s comments, as did the other hosts. Twitter however, was a whole different story. Some of the show’s fans even called on ITV for her to be released from her role on the panel, demanding an apology. The user @RealJayMann summed the reaction up pretty nicely, tweeting “Dear Coleen Nolan, being gay is NOT a choice, but being a murderous terrorist IS a choice. Think before you open that uneducated gob.” We can’t help but think that sometimes the Loose Women forget they’re on TV. More from Catchup News next.

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Coleen Nolan faces calls for sacking after compari...

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