Monday, 06 April 2020

Commuting makes you Younger!

Commuting makes you Younger!

At last!  For those of you who have just spent an hour or more battling your way to work on the daily commute, there is some good news! In yet another survey (there are never enough of them I feel) it has been revealed that commuting is actually making you younger.

And slightly stupefied workers who feel that they age ten years for every day they commute will be interested to hear that travelling by train means that they are attracting every person on their carriage and even on the most uncomfortably crowded days, there is ‘virtually’ nobody there.

Dr Shane Bergin, of Trinity College, Dublin, the brains behind this study, insists that even the most monotonous rail or bus trip would seem like a fascinating adventure if passengers would only consider the physics of their journey, instead of merely trying to keep from being trodden on or trying to avoid  toxic fumes from an overhanging armpit.

In a move that must have delighted commuters on the DART in Dublin he has tried to take travellers minds off the sheer misery of their journey by considering to the wonders of the world around them and is now hoping to bring the scheme to London.  Good luck with that!!

Dr Bergin said: “I’d like to think people can talk about physics in the same way they talk about politics or sport. “I don’t think people really connect to the beauty of physics.”  Really?

Going on to explain his theory further Dr Bergin pointed out that everyone on the carriage is attracted to you albeit gravitationally. Eh?  Similarly everyone is hot, albeit thermodynamically.  Well I did see a really hot man on the way to London recently but that’s another story.

Although it is imperceptible, apparently each time a train sets off from the station the Earth rolls slightly backwards because of Newton’s third law which states for every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Well I think the rail services have certainly got behind that concept!

 “Time slows down when you travel faster. It’s a really tiny number but it is a real number. As you travel faster time for you slows down than someone travelling slower. It might be a nice advertising point for Transport for London,” added Dr Bergin.  I don't know that any reference to time slowing down is a good idea for TFL, but I suppose it might be worth me sharing his thoughts with fellow commuters? Failing that I could just throw myself out of the carriage to save them the bother.

Catchup tomorrow!

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