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Complaints as Two Evicted from Big Brother

Complaints as Two Evicted from Big Brother
Channel Five has received thousands of complaints that two people have been evicted from Celebrity Big Brother this week. For those unfamiliar with the Big Brother franchise, I suggest you stop reading now and continue living a worthwhile and fulfilling life. For those of you who have continued to read, Big Brother is a television series in which a group of unknowns live together with the aim of achieving a monetary reward and fame. Celebrity Big Brother, however, is a television series in which a group of unknowns live together with the aim of achieving fame. 

The recent controversy has been due to the amount of evictees. Two is twice the amount of evictees that are normally evicted. As you have not yet started to watch Big Brother, one may assume that you still have the brainpower necessary to figure out that one is the regular amount of people evicted per week.

Following the premature eviction, Channel 5 received hundreds of complaints. The general public expressed outrage and disappointment that two people had been evicted, instead of everybody.

Soap star, Ken Morley was evicted for using a word which was considered offensive. Offensive language has never been accepted in the Big Brother house whereas offensive behavior has always been encouraged. When asked about the program, Ken could barely contain his anger, ‘It was the worst experience of my life. I would say that it was the most tasteless, pointless, wildly exaggerated piece of television I have ever participated in but I don’t want to do an injustice to the soap I featured in. Any publicity is good publicity.’

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