Cops Hate This New Winter Driving Trick Even Though Tons Of People Swear By It

Driving during the winter can be a huge hassle if you’re not properly prepared. Without important gear like a good ice scraper or features on your car like four-wheel drive, even the most routine journey can instantly turn into a challenge.

One California driver recently found a novel new approach to tackle driving in snowy conditions. Although, he might’ve been better off doing some research before he used it!

When highway patrol caught a glimpse of his method, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing…

Driving in winter weather can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re not properly prepared for it. There’s only so much you can be taught in driver’s education before having to experience it firsthand.


Without the important gear like an effective ice scraper or features like four-wheel drive, even the most routine journey can instantly become a challenge! Snow has a way of making even the easiest trips a nightmare.



So, to lessen the dangers of driving in the winter, people come up with all sorts of different methods to make life easier. Some, of course, are better than others, and some might not exactly be legal…

Just ask the highway patrol in the Truckee, California, area. While on duty recently, some officers were shocked pull over a driver who was using zip-ties rather than conventional tire chains to gain traction in the snow…


The ties on the tires—which the police had never seen before—were actually a new product called ZipGripGo. They’re also the result of 2015 Kickstarter campaign to make driving in the snow safer.

ZipGripGo promises to provide vehicle operators with tire traction in the mud, snow, and other tricky terrains. Furthermore, the product is about a tenth of the cost of your typical snow tire chains!

The Truckee police have since warned against using ZipGripGo ties as a permanent replacement for conventional methods. This is because the product hasn’t yet been approved for all types of terrains and weather conditions.


The Truckee police believe that vehicle operators should continue to utilize the old-fashioned tire chains found in stores and online. Above all, these are tried and true in all different types of weather.

tires-2Flickr / Todd McCann

After pulling over the man using ZipGripGo ties on his tires, the officers posted a statement on their Facebook page. “Can officially say we have never seen this before. Seriously don’t be this guy! Zip ties! These will not suffice as traction control devices.”


The ZipGripGo probably wouldn’t be able to withstand driving at high speeds on the freeway. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt that people are looking for ways to improve driving in unsafe conditions. See the inventor of the product argue their effectiveness…

Wow, that’s pretty neat! These zip ties are definitely a cool option for winter driving, but be sure to check your local laws regarding approved tire traction devices before using them.

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