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Couple Makes A Million-Dollar Discovery Right In Their Own Backyard

Couple Makes A Million-Dollar Discovery Right In Their Own Backyard

Every now and then you read a story about a lucky person who finds an item that makes them an instant millionaire. While it may seem like that’s a premise for a fairy tale, these things can—and do—happen in real life!

Last February, a couple from northern California was walking their dog along a trail on their property. They were familiar with the area; after all, they’d walked this path for years. But when they spotted something strange hiding in the shadow of an old tree, they stopped in their tracks.

What they discovered changed their lives forever. Just wait until you see what they found…

Everyone dreams of finding a hidden or buried treasure that will instantly catapult them into a rich lifestyle. The instances of this happening, however, are few and far between. At the end of the day, they seem to only happen to people far away.


A couple from northern California was out for a nice walk with their family dog recently when they made a strange discovery. Buried in a shallow hole were what appeared to be about eight aluminum cans. They decided to take a closer look to determine what they’d found.



The cans were underneath an unassuming tree that they had walked past on many occasions. As far as they knew, there had never been anything strange or noteworthy about it in the past, but today was going to be much different…


When they opened the cans, they were shocked by what they saw. Each separate aluminum can contained what appeared to be gold coins mixed in with wet soil and earth. Could they really have just discovered treasure?



The couple gathered up all of the cans and immediately sought the advice of local experts. When they brought the items in for appraisal, they were informed that whoever owned the property 150 years ago must have buried the rare coins—which were in mint condition—as a kind of California Gold Rush-era piggy bank.


The experts assumed that whoever had previously owned the coins had saved them as an investment and for a rainy day. After they were buried, though, the coins were somehow forgotten for more than a century.


In total, there were 1,427 coins recovered from the cans that day. The years of the coins ranged from 1847 to 1894. While the couple was hoping to have walked right into a million dollars, the face value of the mint condition items amounts to “only” $27,000, but…



Some of the coins were so rare that they were estimated to be worth about $1 million each. The married couple, who were self-employed, said that even after this shocking discovery, they didn’t plan on letting the millions of dollars change them…


Luckily for them, the couple said that they were content with the current lifestyle that they lead, though they’ll at least have the money should they ever decide to change their minds on the matter. That sure sounded like a nice contingency plan!



As was expected after their discovery, the couple chose to remain completely anonymous to avoid a renewed gold rush to their property by crowds armed with metal detectors. Experts suggested that this was the best idea to keep their sanity!


It goes to show that the next time you’re out walking your dog and see something buried, it could be worth it to do a little digging!

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