Criminal’s Mugshot Goes Viral and Gets Mocked For the Most Obvious Reason

If you are a responsible person and abide the law you might never get in trouble and will never find yourself in the places where they take your mugshots. It is not a good feeling or place to be in and it doesn’t feel good when they take your mugshots. Mugshots are in public records so anyone can find your mugshot but it gets worst when your mugshot gets viral and everyone shares it and pass judgment on it. If your mugshots are taken you have probably done something wrong and you are being charged and will spend some time in jail. You are too afraid and worried to look your best so they are mostly terrible, but this mugshot is something else even by the mugshot standards.

This man was on the run and the Canterbury Police Department posted his picture, asking people to notify if they see him but it was beyond their imagination the response they received.

They were not expecting that his mugshot will get viral or maybe they did and were hoping that it will catch everyone’s attention and make it easy to find this person. It is easy to get help from people when they recognize the person easily. His mugshot got viral for obvious reasons and you will shortly find out why.


If it was hard to notice here is his full picture and you can see that he has some unique features which him more recognizable.

If you haven’t noticed yet, it is his ear. The police department didn’t provide any context to what happened to his ear. It looks like his ear was cut will a knife or something really sharp. It is not clear if he has done this to himself or it was an accident or someone else did this to him but it doesn’t look like a birth mark or something he was born with.

As we all know if it is on the internet you will find some remarks are we already know what is coming.

So as you imagine people on the internet know how to play with the words and in this case, the word is very obvious. So you can find a lot of word play using the word “ear”. And it is not like it is going to stop, people can be very creative with the puns and they didn’t disappoint anyone in this case too.

This is just the beginning, the mugshot had to be taken down because of all the comments they were getting and it was getting out of hand.

We don’t think any of these comments were helpful at all in the arrest of this man, so all we know is that he can still be on the run. If you are near the Canterbury area, you need to be careful and if you see someone with bad cuts on his left ear you should contact the authorities because this guy is a criminal and can be very dangerous.


Even if these comments are not of any help in catching this guy, They are great for humor and a classic example of internet jokes.

We should be more careful because we might be making fun of a violent criminal and if he finds out, God knows what is going to happen. His crime might not be a public knowledge. So we have no idea what he has done. But we hope for all of our sake that it was just a parking ticket or something small like it.

This post is a great example of sarcasm at it best and his word play is amazing.

There were a million reasons to take this guy seriously because he can be really dangerous but that ear thing had people in stitches. I am sure I accidentally used an ear pun too without even realizing. This is growing on me.


This is a great warning, this poor guy was trying to make a name for himself by running from the law and got caught in these internet puns, Now no one will take him seriously.

These words play had me cracking but if you are one of those people who is not a fan of internet puns, we are sorry that you had to go through all of these.

We hope that these puns changed your mind and now you are a fan of them. It takes patience and strength to go through all of these and if you reading this, you survived and hope that you liked these.

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Credit: Twentytwowords


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