Daughter Hilariously Scolds Lazy Dad Who Forgets To Put The Toilet Seat Down Every Single Time

It may be the longest-running conflict between men and women. No, I’m not talking about who is smarter, who is stronger, or who is the better driver, I’m talking about whose responsibility it is to put the toilet seat back down.

Having lived with brothers, fathers, and a significant other over the years, the overall thoughts from men on this touchy subject vary greatly. As a female, I’ve had to face this toilet dilemma repeatedly. When sharing a bathroom with anyone male, it was always important to do a quick check before sitting down. Now, with my own bathroom, I may have become a little too relaxed, and run the risk of landing in the ‘splash zone’ if I’m not careful.


A few men out there are converts and always put the toilet seat down. This is usually because they have had a bad experience (one most ladies are familiar with). They wander into the bathroom in the middle of the night, groggy from sleep, and go to sit on the toilet. But, the toilet seat is up, and the result is very unpleasant. These are the same men who would have asked the day before how this could ever happen, but now they understand and are much politer for it.

The little girl in this video is ready to hold the men in her life accountable for their toilet seat failings, starting with her dad. Upon finding the toilet seat up, again, she scolds her father, who wrongly tells her (albeit jokingly) that she should put it down for her. But she does not have it.

“Daddy, listen to me,” she said. “When you’re done with the potty, you gotta put it down when a big girl comes in!”

Keep fighting the good fight, girl. We’re all here with you!

Watch her hilarious scolding and please like and share the video!

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