Monday, 20 January 2020

David Cameron can't eat hotdogs properly

David Cameron can't eat hotdogs properly

Catchup News was extremely amused to hear today that David Cameron’s campaign trail took him to a family barbecue this weekend, where he tucked into a nice hotdog, albeit strangely. The intimate occasion, attended by family and friends, and you know, a number of political journalists and press agency photographers - nothing too extravagant, revealed one weird thing about the Prime Minister’s eating habits. Mr Cameron was pictured eating a hotdog with a knife and fork. Yes this is a news story - we’re into the lead up of a general election and media publications need to highlight all areas of the leaders’ lives. Even hotdogs, apparently. The additional knife and fork lead Twitter to brand the Eton-educated lineal descendant of King William IV “posh”. Which is odd, because we’d never thought of Cameron as posh before. The image-conscious Tory leader may have been stage managed one step too far at this photo-op as the incident recalls a 2012 visit to a US basketball game with President Obama, in which the Daily Mail reported that "the posh Dave struggled to eat a hotdog without silver service”. What’s an Eton boy to do? He’s not an animal for gods sake. More from Catchup News after we eat a burger with a soup spoon.

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