Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Delicious recipe made from foods associated with bad taste.

Delicious recipe made from foods associated with bad taste.

A revolutionary smoothie has hit the markets, which makes optimum use of foods associated with bad taste. This delicious smoothie, which has been described as ‘sexy’ by taste buds everywhere is comprised of sour grapes, bad apples, rotten tomatoes and bad eggs, amongst other disgusting things. Nutritionist and metaphor specialist, Maurice Dwight has spoken openly about how great the new product is:

“This new product will make haters swallow their words. It’s vitriolic content has proven itself to be absolutely gorgeous to eat. This one is tasty and suitable for vegetarians and we are also in the process of developing something more meaty. There will be a nationwide call for snakes in the grass, cheeky monkeys and little rats going out soon. ”

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