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Despite health issues, Playboy model with natural 30HH breasts refuses to reduce size

Despite health issues, Playboy model with natural 30HH breasts refuses to reduce size

Her breasts are empowering for her and she won't have it any other way

Lindsey Pelas, the American model, has refused to reduce her breast size, which is a natural 30HH, despite suffering from chronic back pains for as long as she could remember. The story was first reported by The Sun and in an exclusive interview with their correspondent, she revealed how much she loves them and would rather suffer than undergo breast reduction surgeries.

The 26-year-old model who has made appearances on Playboy magazine said, "Anyone with boobs like mine who had a reduction would be crazy. They're dream boobs; I'd never give them up."

She further said: "When I was 11, I would stuff my bra and pray for big boobs, as a kid I was obsessed with it. They were my biggest wish. There's no way I'd change my body."

She has also met doctors about the regular back pains but most of them are not sure what to recommend. "I suffer with back pain all the time," she said. "I met with a doctor but he's not sure exactly what causes it, which is strange. I almost never wear a bra; I just wear clothes that fit better."

She has gained massive following on Instagram with over seven million followers at the time of writing this piece. Her fans love her racy and risque pictures which she posts regularly and is about to launch her own 2018 calendar.

'Nearly Naked', her calendar, is set to be out next year and she says, "I wanted the theme to be naked. You can't actually see anything, but it's implied and risqué. I've always felt really comfortable with how I look and it's fun."

Pelas is not at all worried about the responses she receives and considers her sexy photos 'empowering'. Hitting back at online trolls, she said: "Women should be allowed to do whatever they want, especially when it comes to their own bodies.

"When it comes to women, I think people are learning; you can't treat women like s–t online. This guy wrote something nasty so I tweeted his college. He deleted his whole Twitter. It was so satisfying."

She has been accorded the status of "hottest woman in the world" by GQ as well as Maxim and lives in LA, where she moved from Louisiana.

Admitting to the pressure of looking incredible, she says: "I think you feel pressure to look amazing in Los Angeles. Everyone's so beautiful, there's so many models."

She further says, "I think I feel more pressure to dress cool. I'm not the cover-up type. I'm proud to have an interesting figure. I'm really sassy and I don't care what people think. Sometimes if it's too much, I think it's hilarious. As long as I feel cool, I think it's okay.'

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