Doctors Are Doing Horrifying Things To This Woman For A Very Good Cause

It’s a sad fact that many of the items we use in our homes were once tested on animals. During these tests, animals are subjected to painful and humiliating experiments, all while being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

Many animals who are forced to endure this process do not survive. It’s caused outrage for years, but no one has taken any real steps to stop them from carrying out this mistreatment.

Though the practice is being phased out, some manufacturers still use animal testing to develop products. However, some animal-friendly companies are finally speaking out against these practices.

The cruelty-free cosmetics company Lush decided that they had to do something to raise awareness about the practice of testing their products on animals. What they came up with was totally genius… and a little disturbing.

Animal product testing is, sadly, still a common practice in many places. Animals like the rabbit you can see pictured below are used to test the safety of makeup and other products we use every single day. It’s difficult to look at, but we’re usually not confronted with the harsh realities of animal testing.



Cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers subject animals to painful and frightening experiments in which they’re exposed to potentially dangerous or even deadly chemicals. As animals, it is impossible for them to give consent to these awful procedures. 


To raise awareness about this terrible practice, Lush decided to do something truly innovative: the company subjected a human to the same experiments—and documented the entire process. The results were shocking.



A woman named Jacqueline Trade bravely volunteered to be subjected to the same horrible practices in order to show people what was really happening behind closed doors. As an animal rights activist, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to make an impact. 


Wearing a flesh-colored suit, she underwent many of the same tests and procedures that many animals are forced to endure every single day. The idea being that maybe people would realize how horrible this stuff is if they see it being done to one of their own.


Jacqueline was force-fed different food compounds, just like the testing animals were made to do. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a shocking image. The idea of doing this to another person is absolutely unthinkable. 



The doctors were under strict instructions to keep force-feeding her, even if she objected. Jacqueline knew this going into the performance, but experiencing it firsthand was something else entirely. As you can see, the images are hard to take.


To call this a “performance” is a massive understatement. Jacqueline really underwent these treatments. She wanted to make it known just how severe they were. She even allowed for her head to be shaved just like the animals.

3-science experiments


The experiments were held in full view of the London public so that they could see exactly what lab animals have to go through in order for people can enjoy certain beauty products. Can you imagine walking by and seeing this?8-lush-campaign-animals

This is an extreme approach for sure, and some might even say that it went too far. Still, there’s no denying the power of this message: animal testing needs to stop—now. You can learn more about Lush’s anti-animal testing campaign here.

Share this campaign with your friends below, and let’s help put an end to animal testing.


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