Sunday, 22 September 2019

Doctors Remove Gecko From Man's Ear. (But Where's The Tail?)

Doctors Remove Gecko From Man's Ear. (But Where's The Tail?)

He’ll never hear the end of it. A man who went to a hospital in China for a severe earache ended up having a gecko removed from his ear.

The unidentified patient in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, went to First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University on Tuesday morning after he reportedly felt something moving around in his ear, according to Newsflare.com. 

Doctors discovered a tiny gecko in the man’s ear canal. They anesthetized the lizard to prevent it from crawling further into the man’s head.

After that, doctors quickly pulled the reptile from the man’s ear using pliers, according to UPI.com.

Well, most of it anyway. Local website ThatsMags.com reports that the extracted gecko was missing its tail.



Despite an extensive search, hospital workers never found the reptile’s tail. Doctors said they assumed the creature lost its tail before entering the man’s ear.

Fingers crossed on that one. 

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