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Dog Found Alive After Running Away From Wildfire

Dog Found Alive After Running Away From Wildfire

68-year-old Clint Weaver and 62-year-old Kathy Weaver had no choice but to abandon everything they had worked so hard for all their lives in order to survive. “My parents woke up with flames surrounding their house in Wikiup Bridgeway and had seconds to get out,” the couple’s daughter, Beckyjean Widen, wrote in a Facebook post.

Photo by Jack Weaver

“When she opened the car door, Izzy bolted into the darkness, so she was just gone,” Jack Weaver, the couple’s son, said. “She screamed for Izzy, but at that point, the flames were 30-feet tall, and they jumped in their car and went down the hill. They barely made it out.”

Photo by Facebook/Beckyjean Widen

They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy.” Once it was safe to return to the area the next day, Jack returned to take a video so he could show his parents the state of their home and to look for any signs of the 9-year-old Bernese mountain dog.

Photo by Jack Weaver

“We didn’t believe (Izzy) would’ve survived,” Jack said. However, while walking around the property, Izzy came running out to greet them. “Izzy came bounding out. I was happy and shocked. When we told my mom she just sat down and cried for like two hours.” The resilient dog was covered in soot and ash but had no injuries. “She’s a miracle dog.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment this family was reunited with their miracle dog.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Beckyjean Widen]

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