Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Donald Trump Jr. Just Shared The Weirdest Picture Of His Dad


Twitter users are gleefully poking fun at Donald Trump Jr. after he posted a bizarre image of his father as a superhero online.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son shared this fake Time magazine cover to Instagram on Friday night:

It showed a bearded Trump wearing a Superman-style costume with the letter “T” instead of “S” emblazoned across his chest.

The post caught the attention of Twitter user @goldengateblond, who couldn’t quite believe her eyes:

Her tweet went viral, and fellow Twitter users couldn’t help joining in.

Here’s a sampling of the responses:

This is the least fresh hell I've ever seen

— Alicia Lutes (@alicialutes)

Hmmm... Was it hanging in the lobby at Mar-a-Lago?

— William Wallace (@TheAppresident)

Why does he have a beard Superman doesn't have a beard

— OhNoSheTwitnt (@OhNoSheTwitnt)

It's Russian art work. Not quite a genuine Renoir but...

— » Mike (@BuffaloBearGuy)

It’s the most amazing example of a magazine ever. There’s NEVER been a cover more amazing. It’s bigley amazing! It hangs in my golf clubs! pic.twitter.com/5IqSUFdAny

— Kimberley (@HappilyKim)

Heroic(ly tone-deaf and uncomfortably weird.)

— Dominic D'Andrea (@DominicDAndrea)

Just another fake time magazine cover

— Jerry James Stone (@jerryjamesstone)

I'll never be able to look at Superman the same way now. Dammit, Trump!

— Mario Puccinelli (@MariothePolWonk)

This,... is the beginning of the end.

— The Guess Who (@_Mitchey_)

I've heard of an Oedipus and Electra complex but this is beyond Freud

— Andrea Aguirre (@sumo_andy)

Relatable. When I'm under FBI investigation I like to bide my time by fetishizing my dad in eroticized viking cosplay.

— Adam Goldberg (@TheAdamGoldberg)
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