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Drinking Sounded Like A Great Idea For These Folks, Until They Saw The Pics

Drinking Sounded Like A Great Idea For These Folks, Until They Saw The Pics

It’s good to let loose every now and then. After a long work week, you deserve a beer or five with your friends.

But there are some guidelines you should follow on the nights you choose to throw a few back, and the only way to know what those are is to learn from those who have epically failed.

Here are some people for whom drinking didn’t really end well.


Set Your Alarm For The Next Day BEFORE You Start Drinking

Bored Panda

This guy tried setting his alarm after he’d chugged half a dozen beers.

As you can see, it’s his calculator. He definitely slept through that alarm.


Buy A Cordless Phone Charger For Your Drunken Nights

Bored Panda

As you can see, it’s too much pressure having to plug in your phone at the end of the night.

This is a candy bar.

Not to self: keep a cordless charger by your bed. It can’t be too hard to drop your phone on it when you crash.


Make Sure You Have A Friend Who Can Get You Home

Bored Panda

Some drunken man called a cab at the end of the night but then passed out in the back seat. The cab driver couldn’t wake the man to get the keys to transport him into his house, so instead, he drove the drunk to his home.

The drunk woke up in his cab driver’s living room totally freaked out. They then became friends.


Do Not Buy A Cat

Bored Panda

It’s really common to buy pets when you’re drunk. I’ve heard too many stories. But this guy actually walked into a shelter and adopted one while intoxicated.

He named the cat Spaghetti. Cute.


Choose Friends That Won’t Let You Pee On Someone’s Porch

Bored Panda

This guy got way too drunk and peed on a man’s porch. He then tried to enter the home and the cops were called.

When sober, he sent this to the residence. I hope it worked.


Don’t Get Too Close To Animals As Large As You

Bored Panda

This group of guys traveled to a small rural town to party in isolation.

They met a llama. The llama joined the fun. They took a picture with the llama. The llama is now famous.


Don’t Open Your Computer When Drunk. Ever.

Bored Panda

These buddies decided to 3-D Print a picture they took of themselves while drunk.

They now have the perfect paper weight for their desks at work. Though this ended well, as a general rule, hide your computer before you start drinking.


Hide Anything That Might Become A Substitute For Your Bed

Bored Panda

Before you start drinking, hide all the things you might crash on that would leave your body super stiff.

The floor is fine. The couch is great. But a box full of styrofoam? Not a good look.


That One Friend You Can’t Ever Save

Bored Panda

This guy has a history of blacking out, and each time he does, his buddies take photos.

For Christmas one year, he decided to turn those drunken photos into coasters. Sigh.


DO NOT Get A Tattoo While Drunk

Bored Panda

Tattoo parlors aren’t supposed to tat you while drunk, but they sometimes break their rules.

This guy woke up to quite the surprise. He claims the tattoo grew on him.

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