E-40 Shares Real Footage From His Richie Rich Sit-Down + It’s Pure Hip-Hop Unity: “Real Men”

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West Coast rap legend E-40 is a man of his word. The hip-hop veteran has shared actual footage from his sit-down with fellow Bay Area native Richie Rich following a short-lived digital spat.

Big Facts: On Wednesday, 40 hit up his social media pages with the must-see footage.

High-Key Details: Hours prior, both 40 and Rich hit up Instagram to announce they’re on solid terms with following hours of digital feuding.

Even @G_Eazy @NickCannon are here for the positive vibes between @E40 #RichieRich #BayArea #TheLand #SOHH #SOHHNews pic.twitter.com/z3PG7Zy1Yk

— SOHH (@sohh) February 5, 2020

Wait, There’s More: The short-lived dispute reportedly had connections to last Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV.

Richie Rich grabbed attention on social media at the beginning of the week after putting E-40 on “48-hour notice” for calling him a “snitch.” While some people were confused over what started the beef, internet sleuths revealed that the back-and-forth started after Richie Rich posted a photo of E-40 wearing Raiders gear. For a die-hard 49ers fan, E-40 took offense to Richie Rich’s post, which read, “My n***a switched up on me. Just FYI, Earl really likes me, we just bump heads from time to time.”  E-40 responded to Richie Rich by asking why he didn’t say anything about E-40’s cousin, rapper B-Legit, being a huge Raiders fan. Richie Rich then revealed that he called E-40 over the social media posts, and he says that E-40 hung up on him after calling him a “b*tch.” (VLAD TV)

Before You Go: Both 40 and Richie relied on their IG pages to get at each other.

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