Wednesday, 19 June 2019

EuroMillions couple save two family homes


Remember the couple we reported on a few days back that won the best part of £115 million pounds on the EuroMillions. Well at the time they had said they would be writing a list of 50 people including friends, family and charities that they would be sharing their millions with. Well, a few days on and they have already started the process!

The couple who became the UK's 4th biggest lottery winners on New Year's Day, have spent some of their winnings helping out Mrs Connolly's sister by buying her house.

The BBC Reported that Sharon Bordessa, Frances Connoly's sister, put her house on the market in 2017 so she could move into her mothers and care for her. The Connolly's have stopped the sale after their EuroMillions win and in turn, saved two family homes.

"I just found out on Thursday morning," Sharon told BBC Radio Foyle.

"Frances phoned me and said 'are you sitting down?'

"She said she had some good news: 'Me and Paddy have won the Euromillions and you don't have to sell your house'," she said.

"I don't know if I believed her at first.

"Our mum passed away a year ago but my children and I had moved from our home back to Frances' family home, where she had been born, to live with mum.

"Mummy wanted me to buy her home. I couldn't do that until our house sold."

She said an offer short of the asking price had been accepted and the sale was progressing because "we just needed to sell".

"But that then left me short in buying our original home," she added.

"It is two homes really that have been saved."

It will be nice to see how their other 49 gestures turn out! 

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