Family Never Believed Grandpa’s Crazy Stories Until They Make A Chilling Discovery


It seems like the more grandparents age, the more far-fetched their stories become. There’s a lot of wisdom in their tales to be sure, but let’s face it: sometimes they seem a little too fantastical to be true.

After all, it’s natural to want to exaggerate your own stories a little bit. Plus, as you get older, it sometimes becomes harder to separate these embellishments from the facts.

The Lopez family was always skeptical about the ridiculous stories their grandfather used to tell… until one day they went up into the attic of his house and made a shocking discovery!

Many people, especially when they’re young, dream of the day that they find some sort of fabulous treasure tucked away in their family’s home, whether it’s in the basement, the attic, or some sort of secret compartment.

Unfortunately, most folks don’t get the opportunity to experience such a thing. Besides, it stands to reason that if you really did have something valuable in your home, at least one person in your family would have to know about it, right?


The Lopez family never believed their grandfather’s outlandish stories from his youth. But after he passed away, they made a startling discovery in his attic that changed everything they thought they knew about him…


Their grandfather used to claim that he had located the treasure of Jose Gaspard, a notorious Spanish pirate, many years ago. The children enjoyed the story, but they never took it seriously… until they stumbled upon a mysterious box, that is.



Among the things that the Lopez family found inside of the strange container was a crude map of Tampa, Florida, from the 1930s, but the surprises didn’t stop there. What followed was both terribly frightening and deeply fascinating.


The Lopez family also found many different Portuguese and Spanish coins from the 16th century. Even better: numerous antique stores revealed that the old, mysterious coins were indeed authentic pieces of currency. There was something else they found that was little more frightening than coins, though…


Quite disturbingly, the chest even contained a preserved human hand! It really must have seemed like something from straight out of a horror film. How the heck did that get in there?



Why would their grandfather keep a preserved human hand for so long? And why would he keep it all a secret? The question remains unanswered to this day, and we may never know the truth.


The Lopez family still doesn’t know what to make of this incredible discovery. While they aren’t entirely sure of know what to do with the box, it is now considered a family heirloom for them to do whatever they wish.



This definitely raised several questions, not the least of which is how the grandfather acquired all of this treasure in the first place. Was he some sort of adventurous, world-traveling Indiana Jones-style treasure hunter?

Can you imagine finding out that this was real all along? If only they had believed their grandfather when he was still around!

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