Family’s Cool Winter Project Has All Their Neighbors Going Crazy With Jealousy

There’s no denying that people get bored during the long winter months. When you’re stuck inside for long periods of time, you’re bound to search far and wide for exciting ways to entertain yourself.

While many people settle for indoor activities, like going to the movies or taking their family bowling, some adventurous people make a beeline for the great outdoors.

This past winter, Daniel Gray made the long journey from New Zealand to Canada to visit his girlfriend’s family. To make the most of their time together in North America’s winter wonderland, the family devised a project that was super cool—literally!

When Daniel Gray of New Zealand decided to visit his girlfriend, Kathleen, and her family in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, during the holidays, he knew he needed a good activity to fight the inevitable cabin fever. So the family set out to partake in an old winter pastime: building an igloo.


This wouldn’t be any ordinary igloo, however. Instead of forming the walls with regular blocks of ice, Daniel decided to add a splash of color. In order to accomplish this, he dropped some food coloring in water and then froze the solution in milk cartons. Pretty creative, no?



Daniel knew the colorful igloo was going to be a massive undertaking, but he was certainly up for the challenge. Just imagine the amount of time it took to putting food coloring and water into each of those containers? That’s some serious dedication. But the end result would be so worth it…


Back outside—and armed with a shovel—Daniel finished clearing out a portion of the snowy yard in the shape of what would become their igloo. The first layer of ice blocks were arranged, end to end, in a circle.

02 -homemade-igloo


Once the first ring of blocks were arranged, Daniel covered them with a layer of heavy packing snow. He used water to help “seal” everything together, too. The cold Canadian air certainly helped make everything freeze!


One of Daniel’s biggest challenges was making sure the layer of snow was thick enough to cradle the ice blocks and provide support for the layers that would be stacked on top of the base. Not only would this snow act as a cushion, but it’d also prevent the ice blocks from slipping against one another and melting.


The igloo needed to be structurally sound to prevent it from collapsing on anyone inside. Thankfully, with Daniel’s technique, it looked like this structure would hold up! It wasn’t long before the igloo walls were really starting to come together…



Daniel was happy with how the igloo was turning out so far—despite the amount of time it would take to finish it. “My girlfriend’s mother had a brilliant idea of building an igloo and thought it would keep me busy, away from her daughter in some respect,” he joked in an interview.


Even though it would take several days to finish, it looked like Daniel’s hard work and time spent was paying off. Layer by layer, his icy masterpiece began to take shape. He wasn’t even a quarter of the way through his DIY winter project before he received compliments on his clever craftsmanship!


Daniel continued to build up the walls until it was time to create the roof. That’s when he’d need some assistance! Thankfully, Kathleen and her family were more than happy to help. They were able to hold the bricks in place while he secured them with water and more packing snow.


Luckily, for everyone, Kathleen and her family were sure to take plenty of photographs throughout the process to show off how Daniel’s colorful igloo came together. See how small Daniel appears inside? It really gives this roomy igloo’s size some perspective.



Believe it or not, even the press caught wind of his project. “(It) is just snow and water but it sticks really well to the ice,” Daniel said in an interview with a local newspaper. “The ‘snowcrete’ just shaped and molded however you wanted so it made it possible.”


Not only was the igloo a marvel in itself, but the colored ice really took it to the next level. It was like being surrounded by a rainbow! It also made for a truly fun twist on the boring old white igloos that most people attempt to build. Still, nothing could compare to the sight of this igloo at night…


If you thought it was impressive during the day, you won’t believe how it looked at night. Just look at this magnificent work of art! In total, it took Daniel, Kathleen, and Kathleen’s family five entire days to build this spectacular igloo. Luckily for them, they immediately had a cool place to rest once they were done!


Creating this igloo took quite a bit of dedication on Daniel’s part. “Once I started building it, it was something I just really wanted to finish,” he said, “because you can’t just leave something like that unfinished.” There’s no argument there!



Doesn’t it look so cozy inside? You can just imagine Daniel and Kathleen sipping from a mug of hot cocoa while snowflakes fall softly around them. Everyone is going to want to build one of these in their backyard this winter, that’s for sure!


Daniel and Kathleen were very happy with their colorful igloo project, as they should be. It turned out great, didn’t it? When this one inevitably melts, they’ll just have to start planning the next bigger and better version for next winter!


This igloo almost looks like a life-sized Lego house! Maybe Daniel and Kathleen can provide an instruction manual for the rest of us…

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