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Farmer Saves His Land From A Raging Fire In The Most Incredible Way

Farmer Saves His Land From A Raging Fire In The Most Incredible Way

A farmer’s land is his or her livelihood. It’s their home and their source of income, and if they lose their land, they can lose just about everything.

That’s not an idea that anyone with a lot at stake is willing to take lightly. When your entire life (and lifestyle) is on the line, you have to do absolutely everything you can to preserve it. So when farmer Eric Howard in Weld County, Colorado, found his farm threatened by a raging wildfire, he went to dangerous lengths to save as much as he could.

But when you see how he did it, you won’t believe your eyes!

As much as the developed world has grown increasingly more focused on the digital realm, physical property is still an important part of how most people run businesses, create different products, and make money.

Whether you’re a teacher, a salesman, a doctor, or any other professional, if a fire were to suddenly consume the place where you work, your entire livelihood might very well be irreparably destroyed. Farmers are certainly no different, and one could say that they’re even more susceptible to losing everything in the face of fire.

One farmer in particular experienced this firsthand recently. From this bird’s eye view of a hay field in Brighton, Colorado, things might not have seemed particularly eventful. Once you take notice of that telltale smoke, though, it’s easy to realize that something has gone terribly wrong…

Taking a closer look, you’d notice something incredible. A humble green tractor combed through what appeared to be scorched earth. The farmer driving it was in an urgent situation, but there was no way he was letting it win him over…

See, further up in the distance, a wildfire was raging. The blaze threatened the entire field—and this farmer’s livelihood. Yet he pressed on in his green tractor. Can you guess what he was doing?

At the helm of the tractor was a farmer named Eric Howard. His 80-acre Weld County farm was facing a disastrous fire; it was so massive, that it had already taken out 30 acres worth of land. Still, he dared to drive right against the edge of it. But why?

Eric had created a series of arcs in the field with his trusty tractor in order to stop the blaze in its tracks. One could imagine how devastated he must have been to lose so much of his farm, but he wasn’t prepared to lose any more!

In fact, Eric was so determined to save his farm that he was willing to literally put his life on the line. After all, he was driving mere feet away from the fire, and it was only growing more powerful…

There was no question that Eric was a courageous soul who took his work and his life seriously. Not only did he save more than half of his farm, but he very well may have stopped the fire from spreading to other vulnerable areas!

In order to truly understand just how brave, bold, and risky Eric’s actions were, you’re definitely going to want to see the scene unfold for yourself. It was certainly enough to put anyone on the edge of their seats…

Eric managed to save 50 of his 80 acres thanks to this daring feat. His farm certainly took a blow, but with his bravery and knack for quick thinking, surely he has what it takes to get back on his feet!

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