Thursday, 19 September 2019

Fatties, Battle Bus (smart car) and Brownie receipts.

Fatties, Battle Bus (smart car)  and Brownie receipts.

While you have been having a great fun weekend, the serious business of the election is rumbling on and on and …... After the announcement of the pink battle bus that Labour hope to win over the female voter with, news that the UKipper battle bus is about to hit the road, and is, wait for it, a 2-seater smart car.

But then again, that's plenty to fit the whole elected UKipper power base of what is it now? Oh yes, two MP’s. The car, parked outside a cinema in Canvey Island Essex, is painted in the party's purple and yellow colour scheme, the pledge "return to common sense" on the door and on the number plate in place of the EU flag, is the UKipper logo.

But if they want to take their ‘battle bus’ out on the road then they had better watch out because the DVLA have got an exhaustive list of flags and symbols that you are allowed to have on your number plate, and, surprise surprise, the UKipper logo, isn't on it. The Tories meanwhile are determined to make fatties pay, by promising to dock their benefits if they are too wobbly to work and refuse to fight the flab.

And Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls, in his efforts to tackle tax evasion has said that we must all keep our receipts for every little job that we have done for us. This from the Labour deputy Chancellor is the way forward apparently. Oh hold on the brownies have just finished washing my car, must pop out and get them to issue a receipt -I hope they take plastic. Catchup tomorrow!

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