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Frozens' Queen Elsa Gets What's Coming to her and What Women Regret Most


Well it looks like the game is up for Queen Elsa from Frozen. Mind you, I always thought there was ‘something of the night’ about her. Police in the small, rural town of Harlan, Kentucky, after getting fed up with cold weather, have issued an arrest warrant for the Frozen pest. In an APB they have issued the following description: "Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song 'Let it Go!' without any provocation. As you can see by the weather she is very dangerous." More than a foot of snow has fallen in parts of that state in recent days and it clearly knows whose door to lay the blame at.

In other news, a great new article today about what we women regret most. Yes that's right, rub it in! So here we are girls, and feel free to add the several thousand more that you can think of.

1.   Not trying hard enough at school - 34%

2.   Not losing weight on a diet - 34%

3.   Choosing the wrong career path -32%

4.   Not getting on the property ladder - 22%

5.   Spending a night with someone I shouldn’t - 21%

6.   Not being spontaneous enough - 20%

7.   Not being a good enough friend - 20%

8.   Not being a better daughter - 18%

9.   Not being impulsive enough - 18%

10. Not travelling before starting a family - 13%

11. Not having children - 11%

12. Not being a better mum - 10%

13. Texting someone I shouldn’t after a night out - 9%

14. Not having my dream wedding - 8% 

15. Having an affair - 7%

16. Getting married/settling down - 5%

17. Focussing too much on my career - 4%


It makes for pretty grim reading eh girls? You know what I regret most? I regret reading surveys about what I regret!!

Catchup next week!

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