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Genius 4th Grader Invents A Brilliant Life-Saving Device All For A School Project

Genius 4th Grader Invents A Brilliant Life-Saving Device All For A School Project

A child’s mind is often capable of thinking outside the box and seeing things in a unique way that puts grown-ups to shame. More often than not, they apply their inventive imaginations to telling stories and playing games.

Occasionally, however, they come up with something surprisingly useful for everyday life! Take fourth-grader Sophie Rapson, for example. For a recent school project, she was instructed to create something that had never been invented before. There were no other rules.

Remarkably, what little Sophie came up with could potentially save people’s lives…

Everyone knows children have a unique perspective. Frequently, they possess the uncanny ability to think outside the box and utilize their inventive imaginations to come up with all sorts of ways to entertain themselves.

Yann Talk / Wikimedia

For whatever reason, kids tend to lose this sort of childlike creativity as they get older. Yet, there is plenty of evidence that it might be the kind of thing that people should work harder to hold onto…

Patrick Fitzgerald / Flickr


Just take the case of Sophie Rapson, a fourth-grader who was recently tasked with participating in her school’s “Invention Convention.” After she was given her assignment, there was no way anyone could know that Sophie would invent a literal lifesaver…

sophie-1Jenny Rapson / Youtube

Sophie’s teacher had a simple idea when she came up with the Invention Convention: invent something no one ever had before and present it to the class. That was it! It was a dream come true for most creative children, especially Sophie.


Immediately inspired by the task at hand, Sophie went home and started brainstorming with her mother, Jenny. Not long after that, the two began working on an idea that could actually save lives…

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

The idea was actually pretty simple. Everyone knows how many stresses and distractions there are for parents, and often, these moments can over-complicate their lives. This, in turn, causes sudden lapses in judgement, which can result in bigger mistakes.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration / Wikimedia

With those issues in mind, Sophie and her mother knew they wanted to develop something that would help remedy those complications in some way. In no time, they made a plan and got to work developing their brilliant idea.

Jenny Rapson / Youtube


As Sophie and her mother noted, one of the biggest problems for new or busy parents—especially those with newborns and small children—was being distracted while in the family car. They thought about how easy it was for a parent to forget their child in the back seat on a hot day, for instance.

cdorobek / Wikimedia

In response, Sophie invented something that would allow parents to keep a closer eye on their children when they were strapped into the carseat in the back of the vehicle. Naturally, she hoped it would be especially useful for anyone who was a bit forgetful.


Ultimately, Sophie’s goal was to prevent parents from leaving their kids in the car when they ran into a supermarket or store. The simple device she created was beyond anything her teacher could have expected when the assignment was devised. And now it’s for sale!

So, what was Sophie’s invention?

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

Known as “Sophie’s Baby Forget-Me-Not,” the device was comprised of two affordable pieces, both of which could be found on Amazon. One was a stretchy cord and the other was a pair of small Velcro loops that attached to the cord at either end.

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

Here’s how it worked: the parent would take one end of the cord and, using a Velcro loop, attach it to their child’s seatbelt as they strapped them into the car. Sophie’s mother performed a demonstration of the first step…

Jenny Rapson / Youtube


Next, the parent would affix a second Velcro piece to the other end of the cord and loop it through their key fob. Voila! They’d then drive as they normally would. When they’d arrive at their destination, they’d remove their key from the ignition—and realize the cord would be attached to their child in the back.

The system made it impossible to forget that their child was behind them!

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

Best of all, when they’re finished using it, they could easily store it in their purses or a small bag. Some parents might even want keep it attached to their keys at all times so they wouldn’t forget to bring it with them when they leave for the day.

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

What was even more special about Sophie’s invention was that she wasn’t even looking to turn a profit. She simply combined two items that anyone could find on Amazon. Her focus was on helping parents not make a dire mistake when exiting their vehicles every day.

Bradley Gordon / Flickr

Of course, Sophie’s mother was incredibly proud of the noble motivations behind her daughter’s invention. “Sophie’s not selling her invention, but she doesn’t mind if you copy her design,” her mother wrote in a blog post online.

Jenny Rapson / Youtube

Since the products used to make Sophie’s invention are so cheap, people who want to make them for themselves can easily buy extra pieces. That way, they never have to worry about losing a set in their car or somewhere else.

Jenny Rapson / Youtube


“She wants parents everywhere to make these simple devices and use them every day to ensure no one ever accidentally leaves their babies in the car again,” Sophie’s mother added in her blog post.

Mathieu Plourde / Flickr

Now parents everywhere can run their errands knowing full well that they’re not going to accidentally leave their child unattended in a car. And it’s all thanks to the imaginative mind of a clever fourth-grader!

Sophie is proof that with a little thought and imagination, children’s ideas can be just as effective as any adult’s. Just listen to the way she explains her product that is, no doubt, going to save many lives down the line…

It’s amazing that Sophie was able to turn a school project into a creation that could actually save lives of kids everywhere. The items she uses in her invention can be found here and here.

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