Sunday, 22 September 2019

Get Ready To Laugh! These Are Some Of The Sickest Burns We’ve Ever Seen Online

Get Ready To Laugh! These Are Some Of The Sickest Burns We’ve Ever Seen Online

Ah, the internet. It’s a harsh environment. Every day offers a new opportunity to learn a lesson on becoming a civil human being. Each moment offers limitless chances to put people on notice.

Whether or not these people learned anything is moot. They played with fire and got roasted.


Their Future Is In Jeopardy


We’ll take Sick Internet Burns for 500, Alex. The first lesson of Tinder, slick pickup lines are the worst way to go. Let’s try again.


“Hey, That’s A Picture Of Me”


That line rarely gets a response. We’re quite thankful this one did. He must be playing a numbers game. The next one is actually kind of sweet.


We Give This Burn A September 10th


Pickup lines may have good intentions, but they rarely land. However, good intentions are not exempt from roast-worthy responses. Breakup burns tend to hurt even more.


Nightmare On His Street


This kind of break-up text is the stuff of super nightmares.

It’s even worse when one of the most reserved musicians puts you on notice.


James Blunt Is Burning It Down


James Blunt has taken a lot of flack throughout his career. It’s only fair he gets to dish some out every now and then.

The next guy goes even lower.


Baby Level Low


This is what happens when you go after someone who can’t defend themselves. At least the baby was a stranger and not his own flesh and blood.


Mom Is Harsh AF


We know she’s not a baby anymore, but she’s still HER baby.

Pretty harsh, but even grandma wants to get in on put-down action.


Grandma’s Life Lessons


Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest ones to learn. So stay in school. Don’t teach your grandparents about social media unless you’re ready to suffer the consequences.


Who Is Grandma’s Favorite?


You expect this kind of comment from your homies. But not the woman who is supposed to love and support you unconditionally. The last burn victim has been terminated from the social media.


He Won’t Be Back


Only the Governator can turn a disgusting comment from a cowardly troll into a “teachable moment” for everyone. This Kindergarten Cop was out for justice.

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