Saturday, 21 September 2019

Get Your T*ts out for the Boys!

Get Your T*ts out for the Boys!

The Sun has been having a bit of peek a boo fun with us recently, letting us think that they were going to cover up their page three lovelies best assets and then just as the feminists were celebrating a break through in treating women with the respect they deserve, out they came again bouncing about all over page three as pert and perky as they ever were.

Considering that such luminaries as Katie Price, Linda Lusardi and Sam Fox started their careers on page three I think that in the interests of a continued drop in the unemployment figures this particular avenue of launching new talent had best not be messed with.

Meanwhile in his own effort to get people into work and off those pesky unemployment stats DC has promised that he will make sure that tens of thousands of families where no one works will have their benefits slashed, within hours of his re-election. Given that many of the people he is targeting had never worked, unless you include star appearances on Jeremy Kyle, It’s hard to think what jobs they would be able to do.

One thing is clear, and that is our beloved leader knows which side of the tree lined avenue his electoral bread is buttered and it is not on Benefit Street. Still, now that The Sun has had a rethink, there will thankfully be a few more opportunities for comely young lasses on page three. Catch up tomorrow!

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