Monday, 06 April 2020

Ghostly Groping on the A40

Ghostly Groping on the A40

As the weather across the UK triggers warning to motorists another more unusual hazard has been reported on the roads of Wales. It has been reported that sexy hitchhiking ghosts could be seducing lonely travellers on a busy road near Swansea, according to Gavin Davies, a paranormal investigator.

Mr Davies the author of Ghost Sex, says he has been examining a series of frightening incidents where unsuspecting motorists have been enticed into sex situations with good-looking ghosts. One of them apparently involved a local man who told Mr Davies he was tricked by a figure disguised as a beautiful woman hitchhiking on the A40. Yeah right, that old chestnut. He won’t be the first man to claim that it wasn't his fault, although good luck convincing Jeremy Kyle that it was a ghost that made you do it. And how is it that whenever I see a hitchhiker they look like they haven’t washed for a fortnight and could seldom even be put in the ‘might be Ok after a few’ category, The unfortunate ghoul groper on the A40 went on to say that he did not want to be identified because it could expose him to ridicule. Really? The man had apparently been driving back from a date that had not panned out as he had hoped. Presumably in some sort of consolation style move he saw a beautiful woman at the side of the road and picked her up. Well I don't think he had a ghost of a chance! Sorry.

In other news Ed Milliband wants to do what he can to stop suicides in the UK. Will you tell him or shall I? Catch up with you tomorrow!

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