Girl Power shirts really brought power to female workers in Bangladesh


Shirts with 'girl power' sign, sold in the UK for charity purposes, are having a true effect on girls' minds, and really do empower and inspire them to take action towards better working conditions and overall life. The Bangladesh factory workers that produce the shirts, mostly female stitchers, working on 16 hour shifts, under rough conditions, and what's even worse, being paid a lousy sum of 42p per hour, have finally realised, due to the frequent expose to the sign, that they should somehow profess their discontent over their dreadful situation. The workers have since then organised a syndicate, and a peaceful protest in front of the factory, wearing the 'girl power' shirts, demanding higher wages and better position for the women in the factory.

The 'girl power' shirts, worn by celebrities such as Emma Bunton and Holly Willoughby, are sold for 28£, with 10£ being giving to the charity that provides e-books for poor children in Africa, which is said to have a massive impact on literacy on this continent, as well as raise of library visits, especially of those looking for 'Twilight Saga'.

However, it is unclear if the shirts are really that powerful,for the news flowing after the protest wasn't so enthusiastic after all. It is said that the women who protested were sacked from their jobs, with some of them being severely beaten and receiving deadly threats. It is still unknown if they were let to keep the shirts.

Problem solved 100%.

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