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Girl Tries To Scam Tinder Date For A Free Fancy Dinner But He Turns The Tables On Her

People have differing opinions about dating. Some believe that dating is super fun while others think of dating as a miserable, tedious and draining exercise that they have to go through in order to find someone who is worth it.

Social media has completely changed the way people meet these days. The natural way for people to meet each other is through mutual friends, common interest groups and activities and such but thanks to social media, we end up sitting in front of someone that we have no connection with that we don’t know and don’t care about. So instead of the projected image that people get to know each other better this way, we end up with someone that we don’t know at all because online personalities differ from real life personalities.

Guy named minilogo37 on Tinder learned his lesson the hard way. Soon after he was on the date with the girl he connected on Tinder, he found out that the girl wasn’t interested in him at all, she was just here for the free food.

His date proceeds to order the most expensive things on the menu, all while shutting down every attempt at conversation:

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