o I guess that almost every one of us has been there and have seen this situation where you are just tripping balls, and you don't know what you are doing. Until the next morning that you get up, and then you realize that what have you been doing and that your social life is officially destroyed to its very core. And now the times are just so dangerous that almost everyone has a camera on their phone, and they could get so many pictures of you and can hold you captive for the rest of your lives. And that is exactly what happened to these girls too.

Usually there are always going be that one person in a group who just don't drink that much and no matter what you tell them or ask them to do but they would never let go off themselves. And they would always be like that they have drink for the night after a few drinks. And those are the friends that you need because who would take you from the club to your place when you would be lying on the floor. Although I have a doubt that this group has any of that person because they all look pretty drunk to me. you could all see that they are pulling her pants and they just don't care. 

Okay so for starters either she is a really good friend, or I think that she is just trying to get a chance for so long and now that she has the chance she would completely avail it. And you know what people? I think that I would go for the second one because you could get the look from her eyes that she is just so over the moon and you could tell from her face that she just looks so happy that finally, she is trying to get it now. The girl is just so drunk that she doesn't even know anything, but she isn't going to be much happy about it. 

Well, friends are someone who would drag you from the club when you would be drunk and lying on the floor, but once they would get you home, they would come with one of the evilest plotting that could be there. I don't know why but in fact you must have also seen this that whenever these people would bring a drunk friend home, they would suddenly start to see that person as a blank canvas. And then suddenly everyone from the group would become an artist, and they would be doing and drawing things that you have never imagined. And that is exactly what is going on here too. 

Since the friend is dragging you from the club to the house so there might be a possibility that you and your friend would start to feel so hot with all the effort that you two are doing, so you just take off all the clothes. Now don't know the reason besides that why they have been taking their clothes off because they are drunk and at their home. And it isn't like that they are drunk and they at the strip tease joints that they have to take off the layers before the show gets started. But I don't think so that anyone of these ladies has a problem with that because they are doing it happily. 

When people get drunk, and they don't know what they are doing, and why they are doing it, that is the time when they officially lose all of their senses and they are not their selves anymore. You must have seen people doing all kind of random shit that would get them so much embarrassed the next day because they would realize that they haven't been doing the things which make them much of a human and more importantly a civilized human . now look at this one who hasn't been drunk texting her ex or anything like that but she has done something to a next level. 

 You would look at this picture, and you would be sure that this picture is taken from the bachelorette party because it isn't that every day a person would just get up and go dressed like this from clubs to different clubs. And I bet that this person must have got so excited that she must have thought that since her best friend is about to tie that knot, she must have to do something to show her friend that she is just so happy. And she doesn't have to show that she is even a little bit of jealous or anything.

It looks like that they are having a little meeting session in the bathroom and now they are deciding that how would be the one or would have the strength to pick this one up and take her to the house. And I bet that must have been a very hard decision and no one must have volunteered because look how fat this person is. And you can tell from the look that she has completely lost it and she has left the building because now it is just her drunk self who would have to be dragged down the streets to get where she has to go. 

But you know what guys? Who are even better friends than the ones who drink just a little are the ones who don't drink at all. Now I know that it is just so hard to find people like these because these people are just real gems and you would have to worry about them that who would be the one who would drop you home when you don't know what to do because you would be just so drunk. But they would be the one who would take care of you because they would be sober and they wouldn't let anything to harm you!

 And then after a lot of struggle when these people would actually get you home, they would still not be knocked off and they would start to do some crazy things. And just imagine that what they are doing to this woman, and they are using a permanent marker to do all of this, what will happen then? I mean it isn't like that they would all die the next morning but they would have to go to work the next morning and imagine that she has a big meeting and then she realizes that the ink won't come off. She would have to go to the BOD meeting with all of this drawn right on her face. How funny and embarrassing would that have been.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
Marking the territory!!!!

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