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Guys Explain How They REALLY Feel About Sending D-Pics

Guys Explain How They REALLY Feel About Sending D-Pics

So, my friend and I have this thing where anytime a guy would send us random d-pics, we’d share them with each other. Of course these would be the unsolicited d*ck pics, which are an absolute turn-off—hence the reason we let them circulate.

I mean, who wants unwanted d*ck pics? Not I. And let’s not talk about the guys who send them late at night while you’re sleeping, only for you to wake up to a random schlong. Ew. Guys love to send those. But contrary to what some of us think, there are some guys who actually hate sending d*ck flicks as much as we hate receiving them.

A few guys congregated to a Reddit forum and spilled the tea on how they really feel about d*ck pics:

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1. I find sending unsolicited d*ck pics to girls I’ve just met is the best way to form a strong and lasting bond, even if it’s just a platonic friendship. (natephant)

2. I’ve never sent one, though the impulse has hit me from time to time.

It’s kind of too bad that receiving a pic of my SO’s tits, ass or p***y would be super hot and saucy, but sending any part of my body would be at best comical, probably pathetic and at worst, creepy. (boshin-goshin)

3. When I’ve done it it’s been with partners, and I think it’s for two reasons: 1. It’s hot. I would get hard and take shots from gun angles while touching myself. It was great. 2. It was always part of a build up to sex. Like an intense flirtation or something.

I support it, but not randomly. It made sense in this context.(swampthink)

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4. I don’t send them, even to somebody I’m dating. I don’t want to end up like my ex who had her pictures posted to one of those revenge porn sites. Seriously, she shouldn’t have sent those to me and then broken up with me a year later when I still had them. (That didn’t happen, but you never know with some people). (zimmer199)

5. I’ve never sent an unsolicited one. I feel like the people who do send unsolicited ones are the people who don’t really have anyone who wants to look at their d*ck.

But a solicited one? Yeah, sure, don’t care. I’m proud of what i’ve got and it always ends up with me getting laid so what’s the downside?

It’s funny. I had a discussion at college with a bunch of female friends. They were all like “ewww no d*ck pics, NO girl likes that” and me and my mate just looked at each other like…. yeeeaaahhhh…. its always been good for me haha. (Universal-Cereal-Bus)

6. Well I hesitated for a long time and one day I sent one to a girl I was flirting with at the time. She absolutely loved the initiative. Since then I’ve done it a lot of times and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So yeah, I’m not fond of it because you gotta put yourself in awkward positions to get a good shot, and it gets stale pretty fast (or maybe I’m not creative enough?) but I just love how girls react to it… so I’ll do it again and again obviously. (AnthropomorphicPenis)

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7. Never done it, but I speculate that men think by sending a d*ck pic to enough people they will get back one nude and that will reaffirm their belief that it works. Masculinity is so fragile. (JKaps9)

8. Never. Not even if we were married.

A. The Fappening is a pretty good lesson as to why you don’t friggin do stuff like that, and B. The last thing I need is for someone else to be using their phone when suddenly d*ck (or boobs on mine, I wouldn’t want her doing the same stuff either for exactly the same reasons) or for it to go to the wrong number entirely.

We’ve got when we’re at home to see them naughty bits in person. When we’re out and about, there’s other stuff to focus on. (Serithi)

9. I’ll send anyone of you one if you’d ask for it and was serious about it. So it becomes unsolicited. I don’t really care that much and I’m not embarrassed about it. And of course I’m not creepy about it either.

If you jokingly ask for one repeatedly I’ll send you one just to fuck with you. I’ve done this to 2 friends before, that sure shut them up haha.

I’ve never sent one to a girl in real life. I’ve done it online several times. And then I do my best to make sure it’s actually solicited. I’ve received very good compliments and that is a turn on for me and a lovely ego boost. (AlexanderGson)

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10. Does it feel amazing to have someone admire your tool? Yup. Does it work – yes. Should it be the first communication? Well, probably not, but your mileage may vary.

It’s like the old joke: Two guys walk into a bar to bag a hag. The short one is shy and isn’t sure how to begin, so his tall buddy tells him to watch him do it.

The tall dude walks up to a pretty blonde and says “Tickle your ass with a feather?” The blonde replies with “What!?” – and he replies “I said, we’re having such lovely weather.” She calms down, and he moves to the next girl to ask the same question. After three more tries, one of the girls looks at him and nods, and the two hold hands as they go in search of a private place.

The short guys sees this and walks up to a prospective hottie. “Scratch cunt with stick?” he says. She gasps, smacks him, and demands he repeat himself, so he says “Looks like rain.”

If you send enough d*ck pics, someone’s gonna like it, and all you need is one. (virginscraper)

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