He Started Digging In His Backyard And Made The Discovery Of A Lifetime

When it comes to buying a house, you don’t really have a whole lot of time to poke around every nook and cranny. Even if you pay for a home inspection, you can often still find unwelcome surprises left behind by the previous owners after they move out.

Sometimes, however, those surprises can turn out to give your new home even more value. That’s exactly happened to this man when he stumbled on an amazing structure hiding underground in his backyard.

Just wait until you see what he found!

After discovering and looking at the original plans to his house, this man found something peculiar in his backyard that he had never noticed all the while that he was living in that home. He was excited to see what it was about.


To find out what it was, he hired a metal detector expert to search through his yard. The expert marked two Xs for likely spots precisely where this strange surprise might be located.


Like anyone, the man had his suspicions about what might be buried in his backyard, though he wasn’t entirely sure. For all he knew, it could have been a buried treasure or it perhaps a time capsule created by a group of friends long ago.


So he started digging with this in mind. It wasn’t long before he encountered something unexpected. It turned out that it was a metal object, though the dirt that covered it made it hard to distinguish exactly what it was.


So he continued to dig in order to find out what was in his backyard. As he got deeper down, it was revealed that it was actually a metal lid! It was so heavy that he had to dig far around it. What exactly did this lid cover?


The covering proved to be extremely heavy and difficult to move, though he was eventually able to prop it up to get a better look at what was under there.


When the lid was lifted, he began to attempt to determine what was below it. It looked like a confusing assortment of objects. Were those stairs? Were those blades for something? He would have to continue to find out.


Before he went any further into his investigation, he had to clear more dirt out of the opening. This way he would be able to remove the door altogether and attempt to crawl inside and determine what exactly it was.


Luckily, once the lid was removed, not much more dirt stood in the way of him entering the hole under the lid. Slowly and carefully, he descended the staircase. What was down there? The man knew that he wouldn’t stop until he found out!


From the look of the blueprints he discovered, it appeared that it might be some sort of bomb shelter that someone had built after fearing that there might be an apocalypse or something of that nature. Whatever it was, it truly was intricate.


Apparently, the blueprints weren’t entirely accurate in depicting whatever made up the tunnel and staircase. One thing was certain, however: it hadn’t been touched in years, and as a result, it could have fallen into disrepair without anyone being aware of it.


Not only did the opening appear to be a state-of-the-art bomb shelter, but it also utilized some sort of electric fan and a hand-crank fan. Whoever had made it was planning to be down there with ventilated air for a long time.


He decided it might help to remove the rubble from the shelter and the staircase. The man wanted to make sure it was safe to be down there, and in order to do this properly, he was going to have to get all of the debris out of his way.


There was a lot of it, though it was a necessary step in making sure that the job was done properly and so he could navigate the space to the best of his ability. So he got to work placing the debris inside of buckets and bringing it outside to be disposed of.


After a long time of grueling labor, the rubble was finally all cleared out. He was now able to climb back up to take a better look at the entrance and to determine what the next step in identifying the structure would be.


The man decided that, in order to fully explore the “shelter,” it was probably a smart idea to enlist the help of his friends. Now only could he use the manpower, but it might be necessary to have backup just in case something collapsed and he became trapped.


The group decided to excavate around the entrance and try to reinforce it. They took the time to rebuild the entrance to the shelter to ensure safety while working. They poured a fresh batch of concrete to start things off.


The site was in such disrepair from years of neglect and it was clear that the men certainly had their work cut out for them. While it took a while to get things going, perhaps the payoff in the end would be worth the wait…


The group did their best to reinforce the entrance so it was safe. Once the space around it was cleared, they epoxied rebar securely into place; these would help the future supports for the entrance.


This proved to be an extremely lengthy and time-consuming process for the group of friends. Still, they were pretty excited to spend their time taking on a new and intriguing project that could ultimately lead to an amazing discovery.


When they were finished pouring the initial batch of concrete and securing the rebar, it was time to finally add some concrete forms to the exterior of the shelter. You can see that they began this process by building a wooden frame.


Forming and pouring the concrete was a necessary aspect of this project. However, it proved that it was going to be the longest and most arduous part of rebuilding the entrance to the shelter in the man’s backyard!


The next step the men took was to apply a SonoTube cardboard form. This would provide a temporary type of protection for the interior of the shelter’s entrance. They didn’t want to damage anything while they were exploring the grounds.


Now it was time to add a conduit for electricity and other utilities. No bomb shelter would be complete without some basic utilities, just in case they needed to be down there for a while!


The upper concrete forms were coming in nicely. You can really see the entire project beginning to take a definite shape. Still, there was more work that needed to be done!


Since it was a hot day, they covered the work area with a tent for shade. Not a bad way to make sure they stayed out of the sun while working in the blistering heat.


This started to look like an archeological dig. In truth, it was nothing of the sort! Really, the tent was also an ingenious way to keep rain away from the work area. Good thinking there, fellas!


Now it was time to add an air vent pipe. When it comes to life beneath the ground, you can never be too careful about making sure there’s breathable air down there, right?


The project was looking good so far, but these guys still had a way to go. Progress was happening at a bit of crawl, but they were determined as ever to make sure that this shelter was returned to its former glory the right way.


Next, it was time to add the concrete between the forms. This was really going to fill in the gaps and completely add to the structural integrity of the entire project. It would be tough work, though.


They poured concrete between the upper forms as well. No stone was left unturned, and they were nothing if not thorough to ensure that this whole thing was as rock-solid as possible.


Things were getting messy! Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of laying concrete knows that it is rarely a clean process. Thankfully, the group was nearing the final stages.


They still needed to smooth over the concrete and make everything look good. It needed to have a streamlined finish to make sure that the shelter would be aesthetically pleasing… even on the outside!


They set the rebar in the base area for added support. If you’re going to be living and digging around underground, it’s always good to make sure everything is supported properly.


This project was coming along nicely! This almost looked like the finished product, but as you can obviously see from the two-by-fours, there was still some work (and lots of drying!) to be done.


The men were finally able to remove the forms from the top part of the entrance. It really was finally starting to take its final shape. Just look how different it looked from when they first began!


Perhaps nothing was more arduous than waiting for the cement to dry. They say that nothing is worse than waiting for paint to dry, but concrete might actually be a lot worse, to be honest!
s=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-25618″ src=”http://mentalflare.boredomtherapy.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/07/backyard-blast-shelter-371-664×498.jpg” alt=”backyard-blast-shelter-37″ width=”664″ height=”498″ data-attributiontext=”Imgur/Captantarctica” data-attributionurl=”http://imgur.com/gallery/CE0NA” />

The men took a break and marveled at the state of their discovery. Not too long before, it had been an old and forgotten bomb shelter. Now, it was nearly completely renovated!


When the concrete was finally finished, it was time to take a trip down to have a look inside. It was like going down into a completely new structure. It looked brand-spanking new!


Can you believe that this tiny black pipe would be the only exposure they had to the surface? Without that, they wouldn’t be able to get enough air to breathe down there! How crazy is that?


The difference between this image and how it was first found is like night and day. It almost looked like he and his friends paid a real professional to pull this project off, but it was all done the DIY way!


Still, the inside wasn’t totally finished just yet. There was work to be done! Now it was time to remove the old steps. They were sturdy, but they were too rusty to be trusted.


Getting them loose would be a problem, as the screws were also rusted. It was time to break out the propane torch and the grinder. Now that is how you do some intense renovations!


Here’s what was left of the steps. Clearly, they were about as old as the hills, and would never have supported anyone climbing into the shelter. So it was a very smart decision to replace them.


Who would actually trust those tiny, sharp steps? It just seemed like a death trap—or, at least, a tetanus shot—waiting to happen! 


The support pole for the steps was rusted as well, so it also had to be removed. This picture provides a really good perspective of the space that the workers were dealing with down there.


Once that was finished, it was time to go ahead and tackle the inside. Apparently there used to be a door here, so they had to remove the hinges. It was not the most difficult task, but it wasn’t the easiest either…


They finally got a much better look at the interior of the shelter. It was nothing spectacular or extravagant, but with a little work, it could be something truly special. Time to get to work!


Unfortunately, the fiberglass on the ceiling started to come apart. This meant that there was going to be more work than there otherwise would have been. Fiberglass is dangerous when it touches bare skin, and it can affect your lungs, so it needed to be fixed as soon as possible.


That’s when they found out the entire fiberglass liner wasn’t even attached to the concrete ceiling. This was actually good news and a huge relief, as they could just speed up the stripping process by scraping it right off without damaging the ceiling.


So it was time to remove it. This wasn’t going to be a quick process, as you can see. The ceiling was at an angle that would ache most people’s backs just by looking at it and thinking about the work!


Bit by bit, they chipped away at the fiberglass layer until it was totally stripped away. All that was left was a dome of concrete. After all of that work, it must have felt like looking at the Sistine Chapel.


Look at all that fiberglass! How long had the fiberglass been wearing away up there? Probably for decades, considering the state of the rest of the shelter. The trash still had to go, though.


Despite all of that work, there was still a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done. Some projects take longer than others, but this one was worth it. Still, there was lots and lots to do.


He wasn’t nearly finished with the shelter just yet. He had a lot of work left to do on the interior alone. Still, enough had been done that you could see how much potential it had!


After exceeding costs, it was time to call it a day. Some DIY projects can’t be done all at once. This one was going to require a “part two” eventually, once the group’s coffers were full again.


They still had to go ahead and clean up and haul up the garbage from downstairs! Sometimes your work is never truly finished. Isn’t that the case so often in life?


Can you imagine discovering this underneath your yard? Absolutely amazing!


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