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Here Are 7 Relationship Deal Breakers!

Here Are 7 Relationship Deal Breakers!

Find out here what are the seven most common relationship deal breakers. Avoid doing these relationship deal breakers and you will have an everlasting relationship!

There are several things that you mustn’t allow yourself in a relationship. Those things are called relationship deal breakers and here are some of them:

1. Avoiding Change

If your partner avoids change like the family reunions, then you should give your hands up of them. No two persons that make a couple fit each other completely.

It is important to adjust to your partner and they also have to adjust to you. You must change a little bit in a relationship to help it grow.

2. Having No Clear Directions


So you are in your late 20’s and you just started dating a person who doesn’t have goals for the future. You don’t need such a person in your life who doesn’t know where they are going and what they want.

You need a partner who knows what they want from you and their life!

3. Living With Parents

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You ask your partner with whom they live with. They say with their parents. Then you ask them why do they still live with their parents.

They answer because it’s easy and convenient living with parents. Now, that’s a real relationship deal breaker. You don’t need a person in their late 20’s who still lives with their parents.

4. Emotional Unavailability

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Look, when you are in a relationship, your partner needs to understand you emotionally. You need a partner that will be your shoulder to cry on when the times get hard. You also need a partner who will share your happiness with you.

There’s just no place for a person in your life who will be emotionally unavailable and give you the cold shoulder. Partner’s emotional unavailability is a big relationship deal breaker.

5. Tipsy All The Time


It’s completely normal if your partner hangs out with their friends at a nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays and gets tipsy. However, if that happens quite often, then that is a big deal breaker.

You can’t allow yourself a drunkard to become a part of your life.

6. Unable to Agree on Having Kids


You want kids, but your partner doesn’t want to hear about that. What do you do? Explain yourself why do you want kids.

If not even the hours you spent explaining why you want little bundles of joy could have agreed your partner on having kids, then that’s one big relationship deal breaker. We can’t even realize why some people don’t want to have kids with their significant others.

7. Fear of Commitment

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So you have been in a relationship with your significant other for a couple of years and you ask them if they are willing to make the things official. You get nothing but a surprised and horrified look on their face. That only means one thing – they are afraid of commitment.

Like, buddy, why were you in a relationship with me for so long and wasted years of my life and now you don’t want to commit?

Stay away from partners who are afraid to commit!

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