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Here’s why cops always touch your car’s tail light when pulling you over

Here’s why cops always touch your car’s tail light when pulling you over

Cops have a pretty good reason to touch your vehicle's tail light when pulling you over...

Getting pulled over by cops is one of the things that scare us the most, even if we didn’t commit any crime or something like that. There’s just something that makes me anxious whenever I get pulled over by police, especially when they touch my vehicle’s tail light.


Many people, just like me, always get scared when a police officer touches their tail lights. But, the question is, why do cops touch a vehicle’s tail light first place?


Cops actually have two reasons for touching your car’s headlights each time they pull you over, and both of the reasons are interesting.

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The first reason why cops touch your tail lights is that they want to startle you. This helps them to catch drivers in the act of doing something illegal. For example, when a cop touches a drug dealer’s tail light, the drug dealer will become startled because he probably hides a stash of illegal drugs in the trunk.

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And the second and final reason why cops touch the tail lights is that they leave evidence. If you decide to attack or even kill the cop, you won’t get away with the crime because the cop’s fingerprints will be all over your tail lights.

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