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Hikers Rescue Dog Stranded On Mountain For Six Weeks

Hikers Rescue Dog Stranded On Mountain For Six Weeks

While on a walk near Mt. Bross in mid-August with her owner, 14-year-old Chloe ran off to explore like she often did on hikes. Normally, however, she always manages to find her way home. So when she still hadn’t made her way back the following day, her owners, Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel, started to worry.

Photo by Trinity Smith

Osborne and Anouk looked everywhere for Chloe and even posted on Facebook in case anyone had seen her. Yet as the weeks passed, the family started to lose hope since 14-year-old was stranded alone somewhere on the 14,000-foot mountain.

After six weeks had passed most people stopped looking for Chloe, but Trinity Smith and Sean Nichols went out to search one last time for the missing dog after they heard what sounded like a dog barking. “For three hours, I climbed up every chute, trying to keep myself from creating massive rock slides, calling for the dog,” Nichols said. “and right as we were about to head back the dog finally gave a faint bark, giving away her location.”

Photo by Trinity Smith“Once I got there, I could see a little head pop up and hear her barking,” said Nichols, who eventually found the emaciated dog on a ledge. The 90-pound dog was just 26 pounds, so they immediately got her food and water and then called her family to notify them. “I am overwhelmed with joy seeing sweet Chloe back with her loving family,” Smith said after the emotional reunion. Despite everything she’s gone through, Chloe is expected to make a full recovery. “We love our dog and we almost gave up, but she is back with us and that is the best thing in the world,” Patel said.
Photo by Trinity Smith

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[Featured image: Trinity Smith]

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