Sunday, 15 September 2019

Hilary Duff has joined Tinder because she's never dated 'a total normie' before

Hilary Duff has joined Tinder because she's never dated 'a total normie' before

Catchup News brings you reports today of your regularly scheduled Celebs: They’re Just Like Us shocker, Hilary Duff has revealed that she is now on Tinder. We wonder if she gets as many creepy messages as we do. The former Lizzie Maguire actress told US radio station Valentine In The Morning that she was messing around with some friends when she set up the account. She is just like us then, because we’ve all used that excuse too. However, the 27-year-old said she’s found the whole “swipe left”, “swipe right” thing “wildly addicting” - she is human after all - and revealed that she’s speaking to about nine guys on the app. “In my life, I have always had really serious boyfriends. I’ve always met people through work and I have never been on a blind date. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” Do you want a list? Duff, whose bio reads “let’s have pizza”, also divulged that she went on her first Tinder date on Monday, telling the station beforehand: “I’ve never dated just a total normie.” Celebs: They’re Not Like Us, because we don’t use the term “normie”. On a subsequent interview on KIIS FM, Duff explained that her Tinder adventures have just begun. Talking about Tinder in two different interviews? That seems like a pretty bad idea. In this one she revealed, “I’m just a Tinder animal! I had my Tinder training wheels on for my first date. Now it’s smooth sailing.” If we can give you any advice Hilary it would be this: the path to true Tinder love never runs smooth. More from Catchup News after we swipe left.

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