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Hospital Nurse Catches Strange Figure On Film That Turns Her Blood Cold

Hospital Nurse Catches Strange Figure On Film That Turns Her Blood Cold

A lot of people don’t exactly feel comfortable inside hospitals. Understandably, some folks simply have a hard time feeling okay surrounded by so much sickness and death.

Those people might feel even more discomforted if they were to step inside one children’s hospital in Cordoba, Argentina, though. Although this time, they might have an even better reason to feel that way!

That’s because of what the nurses there captured on film recently. While they can’t be sure what exactly they saw, its creepiness is indisputable. Take a look at these historic hospitals and then decide for yourself whether the nurses in Argentina saw something truly supernatural.

For years, places like asylums and hospitals have been the sites of strange happenings. The Alton State Hospital in Illinois, for example, is still operational, but its legacy of mistreating patients lives on. Staff members often claim to hear unusual noises in the place that may have supernatural origins. 

Another creepy building, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, was actually built in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, home to the infamous Salem witch trials. Due to overcrowding, conditions deteriorated, leading some who worked there to claim that things were comparable to a concentration camp. Although the building was torn down and rebuilt entirely, people still claim to experience paranormal activity there.


The Essex County Sanitarium in New York was once an orphanage. Then, a terrible fire broke out, killing hundreds of children. While the building is now abandoned, people claim that if you visit at night you are likely to hear someone telling you to “get out.” The ghostly visits don’t stop there…

Waverley Sanatorium in Kentucky was, for a time, one of the most prestigious hospitals when it came to treating tuberculosis. When an antibiotic was discovered that was able to treat the illness, the hospital closed down and now it is considered “the most spiritually active place in the world.”


The Pennhurst Hospital in Pennsylvania is a popular location for ghost hunters to explore. Spine-chilling recordings of voices exclaiming “Go away!”, “I’ll kill you!” and “Why won’t you leave?” have been recorded.

The Rolling Hills hospital in New York has since closed, but that doesn’t stop ghost hunters from breaking in and trying to connect with the tormented spirits who died there. Several haunting recordings have been made there. 

But haunted hospitals aren’t something relegated solely to abandoned American institutions. Ghosts can exist in any country. A recent haunting caught on tape at a children’s hospital in Argentina has even non-believers taking notice…


In the video, the nurses can be heard saying, “Estella, come here,” in Spanish. That’s when things get eerie… Footage captured in a supposedly abandoned wing of the Children’s Hospital of the Holy Trinity in Cordoba, Argentina shows something truly horrifying.


As nurses whisper, “Estella, come here,” in Spanish, something really freaky happens. It appears almost as if the ghost has heard that she has been summoned and you will not believe what happens next. Keep your eyes on the frame the entire time!



If you watch this video, one fact is undeniable: They might have just seen a ghost. You will have to watch the entire video to see for yourself what you believe. Just watch for the movement near the stretcher… 

The nurses in the video evidently claim that the child, Estella, died in one of the adjoining rooms, and this was a sign of her ghost. What do you think? Was this a true ghost sighting?

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