Saturday, 21 September 2019

How ‘STEP’ Helped Three Girls From Baltimore Beat The Odds

STEP the documentary is being considered one of the most life changing films of the year.

The emotional movie follows a group of young girls stepping their way through life, high school and trials and tribulations. Beating the odds in the city of Baltimore and overcoming personal struggle, fans will instantly fall in love with three seniors who are fighting to make their way out.

“We’ve been getting a lot of love from this experience,” main character, Blessin Geraldo told HipHollywood. “That’s the upside because it’s really hard to sit in front of a camera and open up about your life and no filter and hope that it can inspire and help someone eventually.”

And while the movie title is called STEP, it was just one layer of the dramatic documentary. “The stepping portion is 10%,” Coach Gari told us. “I am a step coach, but I’m more of a mentor than anything. My ultimate goal was to reach the young ladies and really change how they’re looking at things in life.”

Team member Cori Grainger, who in the film was forced to do homework without power in her home, added, “We step the extra curricular as a vessel to deal with all of the things we come across in our daily lies. We use it as a platform to express the things that are important to us whether it be politics or mother daughter relationships.”

Speaking of politics, the girls even stepped their way through the aftermath of Freddie Grey, the 25 year old Baltimore native who died after being taken into police custody.

Main character Tayla Solomon revealed to us that step team wanted to be motivation for people in the community, despite how they were being portrayed by the media. After the Gray trials, Solomon said “CNN would depict us as horrible people who just riot and destroy our community when really Cori was out the next day cleaning up.”

So what have the girls been up to? Lets just say partying and boys are far from their minds. Watch below to find out.

STEP hits theaters this Friday.


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