Thursday, 19 September 2019

How to Ramp Up Your Twitter Engagement

How to Ramp Up Your Twitter Engagement


I tell folks that they should email me with social media posts to share with my networks because I believe in supporting good causes, and making an effort to give a voice to more people. Silos aren't effective in getting the job done, and social media's a great way to share your message.

My team and I test social networks and social media tools to see what's getting the job done, and here are 4 social media tools (that're free or pretty inexpensive) that might be worth checking out:

1. Twtpoll - Twtpoll is a social survey tool. You can use it for lots of different surveys. You can conduct hashtag surveys, where votes are sent via tweet using the hashtag. You can do simple polls, these are one-question surveys. You can choose to do multi-question surveys, or you can do a quiz, where you have a series of questions with correct answers.

twtpoll descrip

This one's not free, but it's just $7 per question. What would you poll your audience on?

2. Bluenod - Bluenod is a social graph that gives you the global picture of any community related to a Twitter user or hashtag in map-form. You just enter a user or hashtag and can see a dynamic visualization of Twitter interactions. This tool allows you to filter based on biggest influencers. You can even display the map on your site.


3. Topsy - Topsy's been called the Google of social media. It's a realtime search engine that indexes and ranks search results based upon the most influential conversations that folks are having every day about specific terms, topics, or pages. My team and I used Topsy to monitor the use of the hashtag #squirrels4good when we raised money for the National Wildlife Federation, for example. You can search everything or you can get more specific and look at links, tweets, photos, videos, or influencers.


4. TweetChat - TweetChat is a tool that lets you facilitate and monitor Tweet Chats and the use of hashtags. It's a great way to engage and expand your community. It's also an efficient way to highlight an issue. TweetChat has livetream feeds for each hashtag to let you participate in realtime.


What are you favorite tools for any social network? My team and I are always looking for new suggestions. Thanks!

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