Friday, 10 April 2020

Ireland voted the Best Country in the World at Exaggerating it’s own Achievements.

Ireland voted the Best Country in the World at Exaggerating it’s own Achievements.

Ireland has achieved global success on an international scale in what could be described as the toughest competition in the universe. It was recently voted the ‘Best Country in the World at Exaggerating it’s own Achievements’ by a team of three adjudicators who are the most intelligent, intuitive leaders of the world. These adjudicators included Louis Walsh, Boris Johnson and Courtney Love. Three Goliaths. Three auteurs of the cultural sector. Three legends.

This title is yet another polished trophy on the mantelpiece of success that Ireland has developed over the last thousand centuries.  Amongst the golden glint of awards on show, they boast the best actor in the world which is a narrow toss-up between Daniel-Day Farrell and Meryl Ni Streep, best musician in the world with the aging three time Grammy award winning, Oscar nominee Hozier (who is still going and shows no signs of retirement God bless him) and the best sport in the world, with who can down the most amount of cans the fastest in a shed behind the GAA field.

It is no surprise that Ireland has achieved this success, with the best education system in the world, the most tech-savvy politicians and the most passionate rugby fans. Keep an eye to the ground and your ear on the horizon for an the upcoming Eurovision because Australia may be a continent but it is about to get slaughtered by the sexiest island in the world.

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