Thursday, 27 February 2020

Jacquemus micro bag is bold anti-consumerism statement, modestly priced at 522$


This year, Paris Fashion Week brought tears and sorrow, splash and glory, and bold and courageous declarations about the world we all dwell in, that it seems nothing will ever be the same. Karl Lagerfeld passed away before his final Chanel collection was shown at the runaway, which caused much grief among fashion show goers. And many young designers offered their poignant view of the current situation, most notably the one with a funny name and a fashion to match – French designer Jacquemus. His latest piece, a women's micro handbag, made in warm pink and blue shades, delicately oozes glamour and elegance with is tiny proportions – it fits the palm of a hand.

Some might say that the designer suffers from a rare sort of disproportional delusion, for he's known for extra large straw hats that can loosely cover the whole family, grandparents, cats, dogs and chickens included, from the deadliest sun beams at noon, and now he made this unusable tiny little bag to carry, well, almost nothing. But if we observe the problem closely, we might discover some really terrific facts denoting the designer's objection to the state of the world and its overspending, overbuying, stashing, and polluting. Nothing can be kept in this miniature bag – and it shouldn't, Jacquemus claims, because massive consumerism is destroying our planet, our minds, and our style, and this fashion designer decisively stood up against it.

The Jacquemus' Le Mini Chiquito is sold for only 522$, and the first edition is already sold out, so be attentive if you want to play cool this season.

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